Assassins Creed IV Black Flag-RELOADED

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Assassins Creed IV Black Flag-RELOADED

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Genre: Action, Adventure
Preview: Trailer
Info: NFO
Size: 23100 MB
Format: ISO
Language: English Duetch Francais Italiano Español Russian Portuguese-br Japanese
Release Date: 21 Nov 2013
Release Name: Assassins Creed IV Black Flag-RELOADED

Description: The year is 1715. Pirates rule the Caribbean and have established their own lawless Republic where corruption, greediness and cruelty are commonplace. Among these outlaws is a brash young captain named Edward Kenway.

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  • zanders

    tnx a lot for the proper crack
    how to use 3dm saves with your proper version?

    • ReloadedGames

      different DLCs unlocked in 3DM crack, i don’t think that it will work !

      maybe a decryption will appear soon !

      • zanders

        thank you!

  • MusterBuster

    Is there any DLC content included in this version?

  • ASD

    Admin are there all DLCes in reloded version

    • ReloadedGames

      read NFO

  • Ludogorets

    Is the kenwey’s fleet avaiable ?

  • guest

    does multiplayer work in this edition ??

  • Panagiotis Makos

    will there be some way in the future to unlock the fleet or we should buy the game for that one? thx for your hard work!

  • Gamer

    What about DLC? I turn on the game and not have any DLC. Do I need to change something in addition

  • Gamer

    And what about the DLC? When turned on, the game does not have any DLC. You have to do something extra?

  • milundl

    Why all time when I run the game remove my saves?? one day I play normal and second day I must play again creating new account :( why?

  • Lukas

    The game is not working for me :( I’ve got installed the latest video card drivers, I also installed all of the components listed at the end of installation process. Starting the game as admin and full reinstallation doesn’t help. Have you got some suggestions ? My OS is Win7 64-Bit.

    • belthazoor

      copy nvapi.dll from windows/sysWOW64 to game dir

  • MustrerBuster

    Nope!. This seems to be a clean edition. No DLC.

  • Ludogorets

    I dont get it…. why is it lagging for me? when ive tested the Gold Edition,it was running perfectly,but RELOADED is lagging…maybe i should wait for AMD Drivers? damn i wish i had an Nvidia GPU,they already has an driver optimization for ac4

    • Thành Nguyễn

      Me too :))

  • guest

    hey people does multiplayer works fine with this edition ???

  • balcvherero

    Ncrypt link has some difficulties when trying to leech from server … This site is gr8 .. but if you give the parallel original links also, then it would be great …

    • ReloadedGames

      if i do, links will be deleted very very fast !
      u can open ncrypt folder link and then open each file , one by one !

      or use jDownloader , u can easily grab links with it

  • balcvherero

    3DM .. sucks …. reloaded is the best

  • SQ

    Cannot open SP with crack :(

    • Lukas

      I’ve got the same problem, I’ve tried absolutely everything :(

      • ReloadedGames

        same a as above

    • belthazoor

      do you run it on laptop? then copy nvapi.dll from windows/sysWOW64 to game dir

  • Frankie

    how i can unlock DLC??? is there another crack or patch?? thanks

  • Roach

    Could you unlock the DLCs in an update? Please?

  • ReloadedGames
  • ReloadedGames

    guyz calm down, and tell us exactly what is the problem with SP ?

    • Allen

      Well, for me, SP doesn’t work at all. I managed to launch it through MP once, but haven’t managed it again. It launches and freezes in a black screen.

      • ReloadedGames

        – have u updated your graphic card to last update ?

        • Allen

          Alright, if I launch MP as admin, I can play through there. Problem solved for now :)

        • Sameed Usmani

          my game working on one core I have 4 core proceesor I5 2320

    • SQ

      the game stop responding instantly when opened :(

      • ReloadedGames

        most of these problems come from Graphic Cards issue , so u should always update your graphic card

        if NVidia and you have already installed then the problem comes from “nvapi.dll”

  • ReloadedGames

    that’s on skidrow as u say, not skidrow it’s from 3DM,
    and with different save game !
    they use another emu

  • ReloadedGames

    maybe in the future there will be

  • sumidero11

    this is my problem with SP :
    a black screen and then stopped working

    • ReloadedGames

      your graphic card is NVidia or ATI ?

      if NVidia and you have already installed then the problem comes from “nvapi.dll”

      most of these problems come from Graphic Cards issue , so u should always update your graphic card

  • ReloadedGames

    which is not found ?

  • ReloadedGames

    update your graphic card

  • ReloadedGames

    have u updated your graphic card to last update ?

    • Alex

      Working on that atm. Just checking all the stuff before trying something again.

  • ReloadedGames

    update your VGA crad

  • Deniz

    The problem is: after I quit from the game it doesnt save my progression so if I enter the game again I have to start again the campaign, what is the fix for this problem?

    • belthazoor

      run as admin

  • edward

    How can i fix fps problem? I have latest Nvidia driver,vsync off,but it still doesnt work,will be patch? Please tell me ,reloaded

  • Sameed Usmani

    When i open vsync the fps locked at 20

  • ReloadedGames

    i think u should delete that dll file from your system32 or syswow64

    PS: take a back-up of this file before deleting it !

  • ReloadedGames

    then take a back-up of the file “nvapi.dll”

    and then try to delete it
    it’s located in “system32″ or “syswow64″ i think so

    • belthazoor

      it’s in sysWOW64

      in system32 there is nvapi64.dll, DON’T TOUCH IT!! it will be a mess 😀

      • ReloadedGames

        lol, worked on some PCs only after deleting this file !
        new updates from NVidia !

  • belthazoor

    mmmm if it crashes AFTER launch i don’t think is graphic card problem.. maybe corrupted data?

  • Eduard Petrov

    AC4BFSPexe entry point not found – uplay_r1UPLAY_ACH ear achievement
    could not be located in the dynamic link library uplay_r1_loader dll

    aaand i cant do anything

  • Eduard Petrov

    AC4BFSPexe entry point not found – uplay_r1UPLAY_ACH ear achievement
    could not be located in the dynamic link library uplay_r1_loader dll

    im stuck with that thing…

  • belthazoor

    Up: i’ve noticed game could still not start if launched from shortcut, launch it from AC4BFSP.exe directly from game directory solve it

  • M

    How unlock dlc’s with crack reloaded?

  • Hristo Gadjev

    Hello Reloaded games I just wanted to ask why is the game lagging?? Always around 30 fps and even lower in sea battles with many special effects and im sure it has to run smooth at least on low graphics…

    AMD Phenom Quad core 3.4
    ATI 6450 1GB DDR3 OC with latest drivers
    4GB RAM
    32 bit WIndows 7

    • Mohammad Shirazi

      i’ve got the same problem, and my configuration is much higher, if you found the solution on how to fix it, please let me know too!

    • Ludogorets

      Yeah i got the same problem…. when the first Gold Edition came out,it was smooth on max,but now even on low is lagging..

      AMD Athlon X4 641 Quad core 2.8
      AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 with latest drivers
      8GB RAM
      64 bit Windows 7

    • Some danish dude

      Even though your specs should run the game smoothly. It is unforturnately locked at 30 FPS by design. I personally use D3DOverrider DX11 to enable Tripple Buffering, which makes the game get to 60 FPS and run smooth.

  • bibabunketyp

    Hey is there acess to the fleet possible in this version? if so can i just put the crack on

    • Some danish dude

      Unfortunately, Ubisoft decided to make Kenways Fleet an online feature, just like the multiplayer. So there is a slim chance for that ever to become available. On the plus side though, it isn’t needed to complete the game, think more of it as a boring option to a awesome game.

  • Alex

    1. i think its standard
    2. Read the comments.
    3. Google it

  • chuakockyong

    I am having an issue with the FPS?? I can run AC3 at full resolution and at a good FPS but I can’t even get a good FPS at the lowest resolution on this game. Help!

  • bobbymcjones

    The fps for this game is too choppy, even at the lowest resolution. Will there be a patch or fix for this? And are there any other downloads that have a better fps? Please help.

  • Some danish dude

    Lo ! Really appreciate all the work that has been put into cracking this game, I’ve been enjoying it like a maniac these recent days. Concerning the 30 FPS Lock that the game comes with, it can be easily fixed with a small utility called ” D3DOverrider DX11 ” which enables you to Force Triple Buffering – Works wonders for the game.

    Question though, is there any way to enable the DLC in the game? I can see the DLC folders and the files, but they aren’t active in the game. :)

  • sjepsteel

    Hi everyone, same blackscreen problem here. i tried all the options you guys wrote down below (copy/pasting and deleting the nvapi.dll and updating my nvidia gtx760) but still no change. tried to run it via the mp.exe it does start up to the mp menu, but when i choose switch to SP it trows me back to windows.
    any other alternatives??? thx

  • aga

    how about intel graphics card for laptops?i played all of the AC series except this one because of the black screen and crashing issue. really appreciate it for your advice guys. thanks for the game

  • basil

    I see that a lot of people have a problem with a freeze after the launch. I had it too, it’s probably because you guys installed the game on an external drive. Try reinstalling on your internal drive and it will work fine.

  • sjepsteel

    done that didnt wordk :(

  • sumidero11


    Install the driver 320.49, it wasn’t fix the black screen crash, it was install only the grapich driver (331.38 or order) cheking the option Perform a clean installation.

    The problem is that every time you turn off your pc, you’ll have to repeat this step. because stops working until you reinstall the driver with Perform a clean instalation check

  • s@dek

    hey admin the game does not run smoothly its kinda slow even if i make graphics low so it seems that this problem many people are complaining about so if u searching for a solution plz let us know the latest news and thnx for the hard work :). BTW there is no any problem except the above.

  • Danny134

    I keep getting an error while extracting the first split, anyone help? I have downloaded it twice noe.


    • ReloadedGames

      what is the error message ?

  • Mesquito

    AC4BFSPexe entry point not found – uplay_r1UPLAY_ACH ear achievement
    could not be located in the dynamic link library uplay_r1_loader dll

    please help! No idea what AV is that people keep talking about in comments >.<

  • N3X

    AC4BFSPexe entry point not found – uplay_r1UPLAY_ACH ear achievement
    could not be located in the dynamic link library uplay_r1_loader dll.

    Please help me :(

  • N3x

    AC4BFSPexe entry point not found – uplay_r1UPLAY_ACH ear achievement
    could not be located in the dynamic link library uplay_r1_loader dll

    Please help me :(

    • bobbymcshanka

      Your anti-virus has probably removed the dll (or tampered with it). Add ‘steam_api dll’ and ‘uplay_r1_loader dll’ to your AV’s list of exceptions and you should be good to go!

      • Mk

        how to add exeptions in windows defender?

        • bobbymcshanka

          Not too sure, but you could google it. Oh and once you add the files as exceptions, remember to copy it again from the crack folder to the destination one.

  • Mats Beausang

    Can I continue to play my saves on a legit copy? If so, how?

  • Radonaminchia

    how to unlock DLC’s? REPLY PLEASE

  • Headhancho

    Doe’s anyone know where i can find my Save’s?There is suppose to be a folder in the main dir.with the save files in it but i don’t see the folder in this install.

    • Consuelito Del Pilar Radames

      the saves are under a folder in the program files named “orbit”. in that folder, you’ll see another folder named “442”. There is where the saves are. if you need more help finding it, just open the file “orbit_api.ini” file and it will say exactly where your save files are stored.

  • Reza Shirazi

    You can unlock DLCs which are on this page.
    To unlock, edit steam_api.ini DLCs to this :
    But in this crack, you cannot play playable DLCs like aveline. Let’s wait and hope reloaded release crack with .forge files which are needed data for DLCs and of course the game.

  • Hkun Pan Ja

    i cant launch the game.
    i m usin window 8 x64
    say ‘This app can’t run on your pc’
    i have cracked it

    • NM

      Turn off antivirus before installing the game, and windows defender. Add exception to the game folder. copy over the crack. turn them back on. I have no problem running windows 8.1 1080p on a very good speed. I also use ccleaner and OSA3 to clean some junk off my system.

  • Cat

    My resolution stays at 600 x400 . Wich is a no go to play this wonderfull game. In options when you change it stays the same. Even if you change in INI file, nothing happens… Anybody an idea=?

  • ka

    whats wrong with u people ur asking how to unlock dlcs and where is the save game file the most important issue is the low fps we need a solution for this first so we can play the game smoothly.

  • RLD’s Rocks

    -first, tks for such amazing works, RLD!!! ;). This could be perfect if u can also fix the FPS issue on this top-notch game! plz RLD enjoying this game in 800*600 is horrible :(((!!
    -I’m using Win 7 64x, i5 3210m 2.5 Ghz HD7670m 1g 8G RAM 1333

  • Ludogorets

    Guys i think i found a FPS fix :) its actually really easy 😀 did you know that Only Local Disk C -> Program Files(The folder) is 64-bit. Everywhere else is with 32-bit. I had a 30 FPS lock,but when i moved the game to local disk C – PROGRAM FILES,it fixed that,and even with vsync ON i play with 60FPS. TRY IT. There’s nothing to lose :) and if it works,say at least “thanks” 😀

    • smellybellyhadouken

      Hmmm can anyone else verify this?

  • Pako

    I still cant run it:) crash wen starting SP mode :) i try everything update graphic card, reinsta and other crach but it dont work

    • Pako

      sombody help ?:)

  • Sai Krishna

    ac4bfsp.exe entry not found

    the procedure entry point uplay_Ach_earnachievement could not located in dynamic link library…
    turned antivirus off…windows firewall off..updated graphics…still same error

    • happyburgerbob333

      Add ‘steam_api dll’ and ‘uplay_r1_loader dll’ (the ones that from the crack itself, not the ones you already copied) to the list of exceptions in your AV. Afterwards, copy those respective files AGAIN from the crack folder to the game folder.

  • ReloadedGames

    i’m confused , what is the problem with downloading ?!

    • Ghury

      Whenever I attempted to download it, as in click the “Crack” button, the website would never load up. It works now, I suppose my internet was bugging out…

  • TheBlackDog21

    why this crack doesn’t have the Aveline DLC or the other DLCs? there’s a way to unlock it with RLD crack?

  • berlinsr34

    Hello, installed it, cracked it, tried all the solutions read below under (Nvapi.dll, latest drivers, the other driver said by sumidero11,tried also from Nvidia geforce expience) and I cant get it working. It does nothing just after clicking in sp mode (It thinks a little bit and makes some noise like of the sound or so…) I went to the Task Manager and the process AC4BFSP.exe its running I think i tried everything It´s frustrating… Thank you very much in advance, my system:
    Win 7 32 bit, Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz, Nvidia Gtx 560 ti, 4G RAM

  • zloxxx

    I’ve installed the game twice,and nothing.second time I installed it I tried to start it before crack and uplay started;i then turned it off cracked it and when i try to start nothing happens. in kasspersky aplication activity i see that when i start the game along with that starts program “windows problem reporting” but i dont see anything on desktop;IDK what the problem is

    • zloxxx

      deleted old drivers and now everything works perfect

  • Raja D

    Hello i forgot to to say one thing open Geforce Experience and run game though C: AC4MP and swith to SP

  • Sai Krishna

    admin please help me..
    ac4bfsp.exe entry not found

    the procedure entry point uplay_Ach_earnachievement could not located in dynamic link library…
    turned antivirus off…windows firewall off..updated graphics…still same error…
    windows 8.1
    turned av off,added exceptions (stream.dll and uplay_dll )to windows firewall..still same error

    • Manok

      same me, i cant play this game, u can finish game but we cant star game. :<, fix it plzzz

  • Ghost

    Guys, can we expect a crack that will unlock at least some dlc’s?

  • fonzie

    where is the save game located

    • ReloadedGames

      read some comments below

  • Kevin

    Can anyone provide me with at least 30% save game ? I lost mine and its showing game is corrupted.. please help.. other versions saves are not working.. and showing corrupted.

  • zanmato

    When are you release dlcs(or unlocker dlc) for this game?

  • PTG


    • Wre

      yes i do, i saw this in several other posts as well. when you return to main menu the saves are there, when you exit the game completely they are gone however.

  • Andy

    Does the update 1.01 and hotfix improves the fps and overall performance of the game? I’ve recently tried to play AC4 as soon it came out on Reloaded, but it was unbearable to play; I used to get 7 to 10 fps on low-medium, in which i find this ridiculous.

  • Dispatch

    Game always reverts back to 3% when I restart the game. So its definitely not saving correctly. I run the game as admin so that’s not a fix. I read through all the comments and it looks like this has not been properly addressed with a solution. Whats up Reloaded I have always been faithful to you guys instead of Skidrow. Why no solution????

    • mohamed


  • room

    guys is this portable version? or ubisoft setup or steam? pls let me know…. thanx

  • Bukovsky

    Does the update 1.01 and hotfix works with reloaded version? I can’t get the game to start after applying it.

  • Asher

    Hello, every time I play I must start de game from the begining, It dose not save my progress! Do you have a fix for this? Thank you

    • efex

      for me too

  • Jelly1525

    When do you plan to add the new update fixing mainly performance and some bugs? Thx

  • Bundi

    I have the Reloaded version of the game but I got to the very end of the game and the save doesn’t work anymore!

    I tried to download save games from the web but they are “.SAVE” instead of “.SAV” and they do NOT work!

    Does anyone have a save game with the story missions completed etc. for the Reloaded version and NOT the 3DM version?

    This is RIDICULOUS!

  • Abdo Tahsen

    please help the game stopped working ……. what can i do .. my laptop is perfect!!!!!!!!!!

  • -SW-

    Hi, I’ve tried to find the answer but I’ve read a lot of comments but couldn’t find it yet, so I’ll ask it here:

    It seems that the flet mission desk doesn’t work unless it’s connected with UBI, I remember in other games there was a similar problem and a later crack fixed it. So is there any or will be any crack that solves this or isn’t possible at all? Thanks.

  • akash

    i have the reloaded version of assasins creed 4 and single player mode is not working for me the multiplayer mode works perfect help me please

  • Ludogorets

    I have installed the newest update & DLC but when i did it,i had all the elite plans avaiable for buying,without even finding the blueprints with the maps/..? is this a bug,or it comes with the DLC?

  • LUdogorets

    Does anyone experience lag/fps drop…or something in this sort in the Great Inagua???

  • Sauronidas

    Thanks for this I’ve been waiting for ages. Unfortunately I miss the Black, Mystery and Sacrifice Island DLCs hope those will come out soon.

  • Kapten Keso

    That totally worked!
    You had the first and best solution in all of the vast interweb!

    much amaze!

  • Raja D

    How to use Jackdraw’s mortar while fighting in pc?


      Button “Q”

  • akash

    assassins creed 4 single player mode not working…

  • Edwin Tahir

    My utmost respect to to whole Reloaded community, fans and especially Reloaded team.

    I’ve same problem as with some fellas listed down there … it seems my Reloaded version of AC4BF is giving me a smaller headache … up so far ive almost always tried the games with SKIDROW or Reloaded cracked editions then bought them or not ( based on the fact whether i like the game )
    This is the actual prntscr from the prob. id be more than grateful if you could provide any kind of support or solution. If there isnt any … dont bother it :))

    • guest

      I would really like to get this fixed too.
      i’m running on windows 8

      • broTag

        your antivirus is removing some crack files,copy-paste the crack again in your game.
        Close any antivirus,firewall etc security..

  • ReloadedGames


  • ReloadedGames

    download link, fixed

  • Vignesh Venkataraman

    Sorry there is one mission were we cannot do fast travel. Update is good. No problem.

  • focky2

    hi rld, is update 1.02 needed for 1.03 to work? tks for the update, anw :)

  • s@dek

    hey admin where is the save file exist? thnx for the hard work.

    • ReloadedGames

      read some comments below

  • Deathis

    Where can i get updates that do not require 3dm saves? i mean srsly shouldnt the reloaded version have a “.SAV instead of “.SAVE”?

    • Andrew

      hey admin come on answer where and when can I use my previously saved game!

  • Mahmoud722

    best site in the world

  • ReloadedGames

    it’s already attached to the .iso file !
    will gonna update the link tomorrow !

  • Kemiimek

    I’m on 1.03 and the game is not lauching anymore. I tried “run as admin”, still nothing. It used to work on 1.02, I don’t what I did wrong… Any solutions please :)?

  • Salted_etits

    Anyone finish it with 100%?

    • Ludogorets

      I’m on 94% the jackdaw and crafting 100%,everything collected 100%. But i think in other to do 100% you must have an access to the Kenwey’s Fleet,

      • Reza

        For 100%, but for 99% no. I finished 99% because of the damn fleet.

  • Kampret

    Nvm I got mine working using the one inside the .iso file , thanks 😀

  • Sidhu

    I am unable to change my weapons after i installed update 1.03 from reloaded…any help?

    • Armadillo

      me too…

  • Gaspartano

    i’ve just installed the 1.03 update and already cracked the game but when i’m on the game nothing happens and there’re no new mission or other dlc bonus………what’s the matter?

    • Andrew

      I even lost my saved files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristijan Pualić

    AC4BFSP file stop working when i want to go on Tulum mission. Game just stop and kick me out. what to do?

  • Daniel91

    Its a very good dlc because one of the elite plans is avaible just on kenways fleet….

  • Andrew

    Hi, I just installed 1.03 from you guys, but all my saved files are lost… I did a backup earlier knowing this is happening and even moving those files into the RLD! folder it doesn´t work… PLEASE admin answe

  • Batman

    Just as soon i start AC4BFSP.exe it shows a black screen then it says AC4BFSP.exe is not responding and closes

  • John

    mine was like this,
    The procedure entry point UPLAY_ACH_EarnAchievement could not be located in the dynamic link library uplay_r1_loader.dll.

    what will i do ?

  • Raja Priya Darshan

    Please Can anyone tell me the Location of the Save files of Assasins Creed 4

    • Andre

      in programdata /orbit/442/RDL!

  • guanyu4u .

    Any news about kenway’s fleet and how to access uplay server?
    I just need the last 3 blueprints for the buried chests. White whale skin is also a hassle but still could be bought.

    • Ludogorets

      Yeah i also need the last 3 blueprints for the buried chests :( it seems we cant 100% complete the game without them.

  • Ludogorets

    To ReloadedGames: Is there a way to fix the FPS lock? in some places on the game the fps drops. (for example Great Inagua-> i’m go straight to edward’s house and i get below 30 fps… in other places i get 60fps,on the sea also 60,but when i start battling big ships,the fps drops again. Ain’t there a way to fix that?

    • Loqui

      with nvidia graphics card, you can disable v-sync in-game, and active the adaptative sync in nvidia pannel..

  • otin

    crack doesnt work

  • Abhishek Sachan

    I m getting error- AC4BFSP.EXE has stopped working..plz help

    • Jelly1525

      Try launching it as Admin each time.

      • Abhishek Sachan


  • s@dek

    hey admin I want to know if I install the freedom cry DLC , my save game will be deleted or not?

  • epic951

    have you locked the fps to 20 or something . I can’t seem to hit over 25 fps at all time
    3612qm core i7 intel processor , amd ati 7730m 2g VGA , 8 GB RAM , Windows 8.1

  • Peter Chong

    can the games update to 1.03 from initial version

    • Reza


  • gabriel

    I installed the update with Freedom Cry DLC, but the DLC doesn’t appears in the main menu, there’s only aveline image, don’t have the Adewale image… it is like the dlc was not recognized..

    • Kemiimek

      Try to reinstall it a 2nd time. And if it’s not working, backup your saves and uninstall/reinstall the whole game+pathes/DLC.

  • ReloadedGames

    we don’t think so

  • shank

    I’ve downloaded game but i can’t start single player, it stopped working after showing black screen. MP works fine. I’ve scene comments. It says some files like steam_api.dll was detected as virus in antivirus program. so i have turn off firewall as well as antivirus. than also it don’t work for me.

    • Reza

      Because your antivirus already put steam_api.ddl in quarantine. You should allow the file in your anti virus.

  • Shockwave

    Is there are way to use my previous .SAVE files with this one? (Which require .SAV)

  • Sagar

    AC4BFSP has stopped working . On startup . I have turned off anti-virus , no file is present in the quarantine zone . Then why does this crash occur. Please Help

  • J.A.

    Can’t find the directory where the save files go! The folder Programdata doesn’t exist on my computer xD I can’t fix the problem of savegames! Help plz

  • Serge

    Im getting the error: “the procedure entry point uplay_r1.uplay_ach_earnachievement could not be located in the dynamic link library uplay_r1_loader.dll” when i run the game. Ive read many comments on how to fix it by disabling the anti virus or making exceptions on ur anti virus, but i have no anti virus installed on my computer. Is it possible that the computer itself may be blocking the dll file? Please help :(

    • saeed hussain

      i had the same problem which really annoyed me..yous system has some sort of app which deletes the two essential files from the crack folder..first thing you have to do is disabling all protection apps may be anti virus ,windows malware blocker, Essentials etc,,redownload the crack file and paste in the directory,,,cheers

    • Manok

      Crack have 7 file, but microsoft security essentials (or antivirut) delete 2 file after unrar .

      U can copy crack(file rar) into folder game C:Program Files (x86)Assassins Creed IV Black Flag”

      Open microsoft security essentials or click right mouse choose scan microsoft security, open tab setting >excluded files and location_ browse folder instal game “C:Program Files (x86)Assassins Creed IV Black Flag”_Add file.

      And now, u can unrar crack , crack game and play.

  • stream

    Hello i got a problem, i installed the game, cracked it propelly, but
    now everytime i click launch icon it just open this small black window
    for like 1milisecond and then i disapears…and nothing happens…i
    tried crack fix, and lot of different crack, reinstaled, but still
    nothing, im downloading now 1.03 so i ll se but….. any ideas???

    • stream

      1.03 didnt help :(, btw i got new laptop, but i have all directx and codecs installed :((

  • ALEK


  • alejandro jaramillo


  • The Ram

    is there any site where you can get reloaded save games sorted by sequences? I was at 22.% when my power went of and now the game says my save game is “damaged”. I don’t think it can be repaired or am i mistaken?

    thanks for any help!

  • Ludogorets

    Reloaded guy i have a question. If i buy the game will i get a solid 60FPS everywhere in the map/?

  • mr.lonely

    After the update the game is working good but when
    When i try ti switch wepons its not working

  • mr.lonely

    Help plz i cant play the game

    • ReloadedGames

      what is the problem ?

  • mr.lonely

    I cant switch between wepons after applying the crack

  • mr.lonely

    I cant switch between wepons after applying the update crack

  • ReloadedGames
    • Jack Guilbert

      thx but i cant find the new dlc freedom cry what is the problem ?

    • Jack Guilbert

      thx but i still can’t play the dlc freedom cry , is it because i have the aveline dlc ?

  • mr.lonely

    Somebody answer me plz i need help after applying crack of update 1.03 i cant switch between wepons help reloaded

  • Leon Valdes

    Updated to v1.03. Now MP does not work anymore. What can be the problem?

  • Criss

    When I press AC4SP.exe to play, a black window appears. What should I do??? Nothing happens, it stays forever like this. I have the newest crack pasted.
    Thanks :)

  • Burak

    Here is my game freezes.İntel core i7 16 gb ram nvidia 635m help please :(

    • اسامة محمد

      my my CPU Intel Pentium 4 hyber threading cash 1 mb ram 2 gb Ati 5450 (2 GB) it doesn’t freeze)

  • Capeta

    Does the Freedom Cry have all other dlc like v1.03 have? Or I need to download both?

  • sandi

    After I installed the DLCs it’s not shown on the main menu. The box only says “Stay tuned for more pirate adventures”. I use the RELOADED version. How to fix this?

  • ahmedkhalifa1999

    Does Multiplayer work ?
    I mean Kennway’s fleet

  • Massimø Cinøtti

    hello I installed the game but I would like to know how to unlock the dlc?

  • Massimø Cinøtti

    Hello I installed the game, but I would like to know how to activate the DLC

  • Ludogorets


    • ReloadedGames

      Calm down, how it doesn’t work !
      ask for a support from those u have purchased from !

  • RajaD

    How to cancel current side mission activities, mistakenly I started battle with legendary Spanish ship mission where my ship isn’t fully upgraded……plz help

    • epic951

      just drift away from it and go any other direction as fast as you can

  • b1nk

    I can’t install the game. memory leak somewhere during the install…. I have 8GB

  • BCeltics

    I installed the game but sometimes out of no where the game just freezes. There’s sound in the background but no movement. I can’t even use task manager to open it because when I press Ctrl+Atl+Del there’s a black screen. I have to restart the computer all over again. How can I fix this? I have Windows 8 64 bit. I downloaded ACBF from : kickass

  • Ludogorets

    I bought the game and im not proud to say that there is still FPS drop!!!! i belive there are only 2 ways to fix that fps drop. 1. Ubisoft to release a patch that optimize the game and 2.AMD/NVIDIA to release drivers that will increase the performence in the game.

    • epic951

      what’s your usual FPS during gameplay?
      and your specs please I’m having the same issue

      • Ludogorets

        Well in some locations i get good FPS like 45-50-55… in great inagua when going stright for Edwards House from 45 FPS drops to 30-35.. When battling Ships Man O War it goes below 30… My specs are AMD Athlon ii x4 641 quad 2.8 GHz,8 RAM,AMD Radeon 7850 2GB,64bit windows 7.

  • dehobbit

    thank you

  • Law

    please help i cant play the game….. everytime i start the single player black screen would appear and it will not respond

  • monochicot

    still no solutions for the saves problems? every time i start the game i loose my save….

    • TorakRoi

      run the game as admin. it works to me.

  • ESteban

    So i played it abit from the reloaded version, but decided to buy the original, but the savegames are not the same :( Wtf? i cant use my save games from the original? Why is the format not like the uplay files?????

  • raymonds

    i played a lot of game and the second time i opened it startded from the begining plz help me

  • Mohammad12

    Hi all guys.
    I have a real problem, when i install the game and run it, my fps is very low, i use the update’s, setting in the game and setting in the config file’s, but my fps doesn’t go highter than 20-25
    can you help me guys ?

    • epic951

      The game is poorly optimized for PC so don’t expect much on the low fps problem unless UbiSoft releases a patch to fix these issues
      I also have 20-25 fps at all times at my native resolution

  • Aleedinver

    To play freedom cry we need something? I installed it, but in the right top box there is only Aveline.

  • epic951

    so in what order should i install these updates?
    install game –> install update 1.03 incl DLC (to unlock DLCs) –> install update 1.05 (to get latest game executable with latest fixes)

  • Okhy

    Hey, I have a problem with game. After installation and cracking when I try to run the game I get message that D#DCOMPILER_43.dll is missing. Have I made any mistakes during installation?

    • ReloadedGames

      download this file from dll-files

  • metlhed0

    Installed the game, a bit laggy, but all was well until…after 56%, the game WILL NOT SAVE AT ALL!!! Searched for a fix or patch, installed updates 1.03 and 1.05, and still no saving after 56% Anyone know what’s going on?

  • flame

    please. help I can’t play multiplayer

    • Vengor

      Buy the game bad gamer, that’s all… What do you think ? You think you can download everything & playing everything like you want ? B U Y and support PC gaming indistry !

  • Ludogorets

    ReloadedGames i have a question. I bought the game without the DLC Freedom Cry,can i download the one you cracked and use it,or i have to buy it aswell on uplay?

    • ReloadedGames

      since u will apply the crack

      no problem

  • ReloadedGames

    to play online u have to purchase the game, DLCs, and of course don’t use crack 😀

  • ReloadedGames

    purchase it

    • flame

      no crack for online

  • Stopper

    RELOADEDGAMES!! aint u tired of cracking games? get a break,and go to the beach 😀 have some fun.

    • ReloadedGames

      lol !
      it’s very cold atm !

      i’m only tired from some idiots who post stupid comments

  • ReloadedGames

    we can easily add irc , but it will be kinda hard to rule the chat room !

    BTW, please such these suggestion should be put in Help Desk page 😀

    anyway, thanks a lot for ur suggestion :)

  • Seann

    Hey so when i try to copy steam_api_ext.dll over it says i need permission but i have full rights…idk what to do :/ plz help

    • TMR

      You should probably sell your PC and buy a console….

  • Aleedinver

    So, there is no way to play Freedom Cry without a regolar seasonal pass code? There is only Aveline in my top-right box…

  • Ilija Devic

    21 parts?!? cmon man, 3 hours waiting for each? smh…

    • ReloadedGames

      Sorry for the delay, added other filehosts

      • Ilija Devic

        thank you, allmighty 😀

  • Slithereen Guard

    Hi Mr Reloaded, why would the patch v1.06 so big in size ?

    • ReloadedGames

      read NFO

  • KS1000


    My game got stuck after a main sequence 11 memory 1 (To Suffer Without Dying).

    I have 2 options now:

    1) Backup the saved games, buy the game and copy the saved game/profile to the savegames folder that UBI soft creates.

    2) Fix the game jam.

    I have two problems/questions here:

    1) I can’t find where RELOADED places the saved games.

    2) I do not have a fix to the jam

    I will be very happy If you can help me with these two issues.

    Thank you

  • ReloadedGames

    u mean, u need crack-only for the update ?

  • Ludogorets

    Reloaded game please help. Can i use the uplay save files with your crack?

  • ReloadedGames

    disable ur Anti Virus, and copy crack again !

  • ReloadedGames
  • epic951

    Can you please please specify what’s new in 1.06 update the nfo says nothing about what is new
    must download to know what is new?
    are the FPS issues fixed?

    • ReloadedGames

      see changelog

  • Dreyannz

    do i need to download update 1.5 before adding the update 1.6?

    • ReloadedGames

      read NFO !

  • luciano_cas00

    Hi Reloaded!! if its not too much trouble, could you upload some kind of patch or mod with all the online/social unlockable content??? (swords and outfits for Edward, and Jackdaw appearance upgrades)

    Thank you!!

    • Khaled Kamal

      i hope so

  • TommyChango

    Thanks for the crack.
    I’ve installed the game and crack but when I run the SP exe nothing happens and i have to close the process in task manager – the cursor vanishes but nothing else happens.

    Any ideas why this is happening??


    • ReloadedGames

      have u checked all latest redist being installed ?
      update ur driver to last update

  • Krzychu9005

    @ReloadedGames:disqus Even tough i’ve got redist and updated drivers it still doesn’t launch it even doesnt appear in taskmgr, dunno why is that, I’ve installed your AC IV release then your Freedom Cry DLC and after patch 1.06, thanks in advance for response

  • Khaled Kamal

    i finished the story twice without the fleet or other online features
    the game got boring

    i need the fleet work

    please help

  • dada

    why does it come up with a shortcut to steam

  • Mausi192837465

    why is update v1.06 so huge? almost 4gb? is it more than just an update?

  • Sid

    hi, i wanna by the game. Howw can i use the savegame of Reloaded version with the original game?