Pro Evolution Soccer 2014-RELOADED

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014-RELOADED

Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Genre: Sport
Preview: Trailer
Info: NFO
Size: 5529.6 MB
Format: ISO
Language: English Duetch Francais Italiano
Release Date: Sep 24, 2013
Release Name: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014-RELOADED

Description: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 marks a new beginning for Konami’s blockbuster soccer series, with an all-new engine allowing for every aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to be totally reworked to produce a game much closer to the excitement and variety of a top-level match. The central theme of fluidity is based on the constant moving of players and switching positions which mirrors the modern approach to football. Producers looked at how the matches ebb and flow, with player individuality key to a team’s success, and well-drilled tactics helping underdogs produce giant-killing feats. In addition to noticeably improved graphics and seamless animation, the thrust of the new engine’s power has been used to redefine the way football is played as a video game. Gone are the limitations imposed by dated animation systems and AI elements, and instead PES 2014 boasts a central core that perfectly mimics the skill and awareness that elevates the world’s greatest players above their peers.

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  • can

    yes. Full game!!

  • MRHD

    yes .!!!

    • Gabo


  • ReloadedGames

    yeah, but no turkish commentary !

  • ReloadedGames

    Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Turkish
    Audio Commentary: English, French, Italian, German

  • ReloadedGames

    -Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Turkish
    -Audio Commentary: English, French, Italian, German

  • ReloadedGames

    of course ! it’s working !

    crack is in the .ISO file, follow NFO link instruction !

  • Fatih Kiraz

    Key To setup?

    • ReloadedGames

      read NFO link !

  • Brutus

    i love you RLD! congratz from Argentina!

  • Sercan Yıldırım

    when is Patch 1.0.1 , reloaded ?

    • ReloadedGames

      added from 3DM team, check links above !

  • ReloadedGames

    check the instruction above links in the ncrypt folder of the Patch 1.1

    • babis

      is in japanese !!! i run the 1.1 but now cant open pes

      • ReloadedGames

        it’s not japanese !

        u may see some chinese words, as 3DM who has cracked the patch is a Chinese team !

        btw what is the exact problem ?!

  • Byn Tran

    Does the crack works with 1.1?

    • ReloadedGames

      RELOADED crack doesn’t work with patch v1.1 as it’s from 3DM team !

      u have to burn the Mini image !

  • Sercan Yıldırım

    I lifted 617 MB of update 1.0.1. why not move? Is it normal to freeze?

  • Cesc

    When it comes out the crack v 1.01? thanks

    • ReloadedGames

      u can install patch from 3dm team and burn the Mini Image, instead of applying RELOADED crack !

  • DeadNight

    Mounting the mini image doesnt work. Do I actually need to BURN it to a CD?

    • ReloadedGames

      you need to mount the mini image in SCSI drive on daemon tools, also u need “daemon tools Pro advance “

      • babis

        i did all how u said but unfortunately is not workin…image is mounted in scsi drive but when u try to run setup windows, windows say cant open it

        • fli

          To install use iso image, to play use mini image. For me deamon tools lite did the job, too.

      • DeadNight

        Yeah I found that out eventually. And for the record, Daemon tools lite did the job.

  • Rodrigo Andres Bustos Aguila

    What’s the difference with the clone dvd version???

    • ReloadedGames

      6200 mb is the 3DM-CloneDVD version “the original game files and exe” to run it u need to use the mini img

      5529.6 is the scene version “RELOADED version” the original files cracked !

      the 2.69 is a repack version “Files of the game have been compressed” and only english

  • khan

    hi guys …i run the game with reloaded crack but the screen still black at beginning and nothing happens

    • Zagato

      having the same problem as well any help with this?

  • MoDy

    why the commentry sound is not work ?

  • Giampiero Giglio

    The keys don’t work. Where can I find others?

    • ReloadedGames

      there are many keys, choose another one from the “NFO” link

  • konrad88

    where can i found that 3dm team crack ? looking on google but can’t find it

    • ReloadedGames

      it’s the Mini Image , i have linked it !!!

      • Sercan Yıldırım

        patch 1.0.1 doesn’t have crack.. where is crack ??

  • ReloadedGames , burn the Mini Image in SCSI drive on daemon tools, also u need “daemon tools Pro advance ”

  • ReloadedGames

    wtf ! why ?! 😀

  • ReloadedGames

    you need to mount the mini image “ ” in SCSI drive on daemon tools, also u need “daemon tools Pro advance “

  • Yağız

    when u make v1.1 crack ? i dont use mini_image and i dont use deamon tools ?

  • AleSerioSerioli

    I burned the Mini Image…and then?? What I have to do??

    • ReloadedGames

      | Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Update v1.01-RELOADED :

      • AleSerioSerioli

        Thank you so much!

      • AleSerioSerioli

        I got “Unexpected end of file” error message…

  • ReloadedGames

    read NFO and changelog !

  • ReloadedGames

    *Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Update v1.01-RELOADED :

  • SS

    Does the patch work when using the mini image anyway or do we have to have the specific 3dm patch for it to work?

    • ReloadedGames

      Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Update v1.01-RELOADED

  • Rex

    Sorry,seeing the comment just make me laugh, people just know to play the game but not install the game..but thanks for the hardwork for you ReloadedGames…You are the Best!!!!

  • Mohamed Shamlh

    thank`s reloaded for the great game & the great team uploaded game`s

  • Gimmbo

    I have a problem with this, after double click on icon of pes 2014 nothing happens , and i also cant open settings, anyone knows where is a problem ?

  • ReloadedGames

    go to and search for this file and download it !

  • syaj

    There is something missing. In Master league, Expected Earnings do not appear. Also There should be a section for offers from other clubs and International teams. This is also missing.

  • ReloadedGames

    already uploaded, check the links above !

  • ReloadedGames

    read NFO !

  • guest

    Norton says that v1.01 crack is virus. I dont trust that.

  • ehab

    I have a black screen after double click on icon ????????????????

  • ReloadedGames

    the NFO link above !

  • Gimmbo

    after double click on pes 2014 icon nothing happens

    • ReloadedGames

      update your Graphic Card !

  • ReloadedGames

    have u installed directx, net frame work, dotnetfx45_full_x86_x64.exe ?

  • angelo

    my pes 2014 crash and restart , help me pls

    • ReloadedGames

      installed update 1.01 ?

  • gabriel

    when I install the game asks for the registration code, what is?

    • ReloadedGames

      read NFO link !

  • ReloadedGames

    there’s no passwords on any RAR files !

  • amr

    DLC 1.0 didnt work for the iso copy ??

  • rohan

    how to download

    • ReloadedGames

      open the ncrypt link of any filehost u want to download from, then open every part and download from it !

      • ahmadkh

        like what?

        • ReloadedGames

  • thejas

    i cannot install patch 1.01 it shows :”The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program”.
    plz help me

  • thejas

    mine is blackbox repack

  • fajarsuwon

    thank you so much

  • monim

    installation serial please

    • ReloadedGames

      read NFO link

  • kl.tsc77

    ben sorunumu söyleyeyim bari :) 1.01 kurdum oyun acılınca siyah ekran geliyo sadece öyle kalıyo napabilirim? eski cracki kurup düzelttim ama yeni patchi kurmak istiyorum ?

  • kl.tsc77

    Everybody asked this, “when i updated 1.01 seems just black screen. After i installed old crack i fixed it but i want update to new patch” what can i do for this?

  • lol

    black screen after patch happened first time i think in pes 2012 try to run in windows you are using and as administrator

  • AVG

    the crack tat you posted is a win32/heur virus !!!! do not download as Avg rate this virus with 3 stars from 3 possible!!!!

    • ReloadedGames

      are u joking !
      it is not a virus

      • AVG

        and you suggest that the file is working? every antivirus that you use will say that behind crack file is a trojan horse virus :) and even if you take the risk the file is not working … good job for making a copy of the dvd but without the crack is useless :)

        • ReloadedGames

          believe me not a virus, use avast and turn on , game mode

  • ReloadedGames

    Yeah it’s a Virus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Delete the game , we are a bad team !

  • Mafiadz

    download it from here and put it in system32
    good luck and thnx reloaded ur the best

  • xzxc

    my anti virus show me that it is infected.

    • ReloadedGames

      ignore it

  • ReloadedGames

    what is the problem ?

  • Francesco

    Plz crack for 1.04 the new version

  • Andr3w

    Hi. Pls, crack for patch 1.04!!! Thank’s

  • IMAN

    update 1.04 + dlc 2.00 PLS

  • IMAN

    I Play Online I Can’t Wait anymore for the New Update

  • footballer232345

    the best thanks admin waiting now for fifa 14 crack 😉

  • ronaldo

    plz new no DVD 1.04 :)

  • hotmale

    Thanks for all your great work RELOADED greatest team ever! Are you working on no-dvd for 1.04 + dlc 2.0? I really hope so i can go play online again :)

  • Davin.Rizuki

    The 1.06 patch is out now Reloaded, please make an update and crack..
    Don’t be taking too long this time, this is important to whole PES editing community..

  • Magikcidf85

    Hi Reloaded team , thanks for all your works (all games and updates)

    I hope you will continue to provide updates , this is very important , contains many fix ,

    i’m waiting for pes crack 1.06 :) will be a great gift

  • nezza

    F*ck off that’s Hexedited version. We need real crack by master Reloaded!

  • Sam

    Hello Reloaded Team, this game no have spanish lenguage (LATIN) ? :C

  • Pied

    need the update to 1-06 too :-)

    • ReloadedGames

      ok, we will change the notification bar

  • The_Morris

    Hi Reloaded! Konami has update this game to 1.06 Could you please make a NODVD with that version? Thanks!!!

    • ReloadedGames


  • oll

    Please 1.06 Reloaded crack version!!!

    • ReloadedGames


  • alberto

    Thanks for 1.06 ! we can finally play this game again !!
    and use some mod from community !

  • Ludogorie

    What do you earn for cracking everything??? if nothing,why doing it?

    • ReloadedGames

      just for fun !

  • ReloadedGames


  • Guaje_792

    Sorry for asking but,
    This is the real crack?

    • ReloadedGames

      it’s a virus, don’t download it ,please !

  • Guaje_792

    I ask if the crack is real because people say it isn’t

    • ReloadedGames

      what’s ?

  • Metin Bora


    • ReloadedGames

      Fixed now
      please check

  • Wayes

    Please help when i click dowload it says :

    Oops! Google Chrome could not find

    Access a cached copy of ncrypt.­in

    • ReloadedGames

      which files u r gonna to download ?!!

  • Abda

    great work reloaded
    no crack for FIFA 14 ? (^__^)v

    • Ludogorie

      There is a BlackBox version.. don’t wait for a reloaded version,it won’t be released.

  • Amr Ssy

    yes!! finely update 1.06 thanks reloaded

  • Truth

    This is hex edited, go to edit player and change boots for example and the face changes back to default. This issue only happened in 1.04

  • ReloadedGames

    ask 3DM about what is the difference !

  • vander

    i can see the new 3rd and classic kits but not the two new stadium any suggestions? also, antivirus says rld.dll file is a virus, why?

  • block83

    after update 1.06 game has a black screen with sound after intro of game…any suggestions?

  • Shiranui

    Could you add the Spanish language pack, please?

  • Dado

    I have a problem with instalation. How to solve problem with “Error 1305″?

  • flame

    when i sign in to online it says : unable to login

    • ReloadedGames

      no online unless u buy the game

  • ReloadedGames

    still no clue !

  • Pastor_Zakilowski

    patch 1.07 released….please do your magic :)

  • Hosam Arafa

    pes 2014 1.07 patch realesd, please release crack for it.

  • zefira

    The 1.07 patch is out now, i’m waiting for you new crack. ^^

  • Amr Ssy

    now there are 1.07 patch please try to crack it quickly =D

  • Sadegh

    Crack Patch 1.07 PLZ 😀

  • Morris

    Please Reloaded, could you crack patch 1.07?

  • Crystian Geovani Dorabiatto

    Crack Patch 1.07 please!!!!!

  • Sunga Mania

    Crack Patch 1.07 please

  • Joe Arloncy Vannjustin

    dear reloaded …

    plaese help…crack pes 2014 update patch 1.07
    when you publish to us ???

  • Chris

    please master reloaded can you crack the 1.08 patch, it would be really amazing for PES supporter in this difficult year… Don’t quit this project!!

  • Oll

    PLEASE 1.07 crack!! It’s very important about Moding!

  • woohoo93

    Please Reloaded, could you crack patch 1.08, the last now available for pc??
    Thank you for your great work from Italy!!

  • dazed

    Pleases PES 2014 1.13 and DLC 7.00 (world cup dlc)