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Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Volition Inc.
Genre: Action
Preview: Trailer
Info: NFO
Size: 8200 MB
Language: English
Subtitles: English Duetch Francais Italiano Español
Release Date: Aug 20, 2013
Release Name: Saints Row IV-RELOADED

Description: The Saints will again be the center of attention: This time, however, they do not make headlines than the usual criminals, but to be celebrated as patriots! To put the existence of a scandal noodle end, the leader of the Saints decided to run for the highest office in the United States and won! He is now the President of the United States of America ….

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  • David

    with Commander in chief ?

    • ReloadedGames

      Insert the following in the steam_api.ini to unlock the DLC’s:


      • David

        I pasted it and still not content with the Commander in Chief Edition

        • ReloadedGames

          then try this :


          • David

            ok thanks

  • Shuichi Kurama Minamino

    as I do not work I get nothing :c

    • ReloadedGames

      the game doesn’t work ??

      u have another version and only put the RELOADED crack ?

      or u have downloaded the Reloaded version and when i u run , nothing happened ?!

      what is ur OS ?
      Have u updated ur drivers to last update ?

  • iliana

    for the save games i know where they are to copy them to put them in storage but i dont know in which storage file i should put em for backup because i ve made huge progress in the game and i dont wanna lose it .. some sayC:ProgramDataSteamRLD!206420storage. but i cant find that file plz help me

  • Rusk

    Coop in LAN works!

  • bradio

    do I have to download your version of the game? Or can I download another version of the game and use your crack?
    I am about 50% through on SKIDROWS first copy and I don’t want to redownload another one again :/

    • ReloadedGames

      wtf, skidrow !!!!

      skidrow has not released a version of this game !!!!

      please check which version have u downloaded !

  • Thedubster91

    help me please it wont allow me to save any of my games and the steam.dll file is giving a virus notification and it stop it from copying to the detination folder any advice ?

    • ReloadedGames

      turn off ur antivirus !

  • kallamas

    does this one contain also the matt miller crash or can i finish the mission with this release?

  • dubstep1

    Saving gat cutscene crash

  • kallamas

    where are the savegames stored?

    • ReloadedGames

      read the comment of kallmas

  • kallamas

    forget my question about the savegames. i found it.
    ..program datasteamRLD!

  • YuriLowell

    When i try to open the game it just opens the steam comunity for me, am i missing something or what?

    • DutchGuy

      Same Problem here

    • ReloadedGames

      have u updated ur driver to last update, please be sure of this step ! this may cause the problem

      • DutchGuy

        All of mine are updated, restarted pc, even used windows update, tried reinstalling all didn’t work, it still opens steam community of saints row IV

        • ReloadedGames

          have u checked that u put the crack into the right place ?

          check the NFO link

          • DutchGuy

            Yeah I did, everything should work, but doesnt :/ (Im running windows 8 64bit)

    • Robert McKenzie Barrett

      Make sure your steam_api.dll file is the cracked one.

  • ReloadedGames

    hmm, it’s the unlocked version of the game , hmm
    in fact i hate downloading a retail or unlocked or a clone DVD of any game , always love the scene version, btw i’m afraid that there will be some troubles with the reloaded crack, in fact i have not tested , but it may not work properly !

  • dremvahlok

    i cannot save anymore…

    • iliana

      me too… wtf with my saved games gone and i cant find the freking save folder i cant do this anymore

    • dremvahlok

      i don’t know what i did but i can save now…

  • or

    how can i find the full savegame file adress?

    • kallamas

      ..program datasteamRLD!

      • or

        yeah, but where “program data” located?

  • arrrgh

    Installed the game with the fix files and it still didnt work…anyone that got it to work like to share how they did it? thanks!

    • Robert McKenzie Barrett

      are you trying to start the game from desktop icon that is put there when installing? cause you have to start the game from the one in the crack

  • Robert McKenzie Barrett

    Why when I click new game it says “The Storage Device you have selected does not have enough space to create a new save.” I cant seem to find help with this, so I came straight here to the source, I really hope you can provide me answers.

    • ReloadedGames

      ur “C” drive has enough space ?

      • Robert McKenzie Barrett

        I got it figured out it wasn’t the space on my “C” drive

        • me

          what was it?

  • Duolasa

    Whenever I try to launch the game nothing happens, but a file is created, something similar to this: SaintsRowIV.exe.6524.STEAMSTART
    Could someone give me some tips on how to fix this?


  • Eric Cartman

    game loads fine but i have same problem as robert when clicking new game i get the not enough storage & i have over 1tb ….

    • Robert McKenzie Barrett

      Hey man I fixed my problem finally, if you dont have steam installed and running it wont save. I didn’t then I installed steam and it just popped up the steam community when I tried to start the game. Well I finally figured out that my steam_api.dll wasn’t the cracked one, now it is and all is fixed and working like its supposed to. I hope this helps you out.

      • Eric Cartman

        SWEEEET thnx alot man worked perfect

        • Robert McKenzie Barrett

          np man glad it woked for you as well.

      • Ankeichi


      • Mote

        Did everything and still seeing the community on the steam when I try to open the game…(I dont have SmartSteamEmu in my installation folder)

  • martijn

    my character keeps walking to the right, and in the menu’s the game thinks that a controller is connected, how can i fix it?

  • Jack

    Where is the save file location? I want to move my save files over from the steam006 crack

    • kallamas

      just read the comments and u will find the path

    • ReloadedGames

      you need to copy files from Saints Row IVSmartSteamEmuremote_206420 to C:ProgramDataSteamRLD!206420storage.

  • hunter

    what’s the keygen chiptune for this one?

  • harsh

    Unable to open the game, says the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). What is causing this. Running game on windows 7. The crack and game was downloaded from reloaded.

    • ReloadedGames

      have u checked that the crack is in the right place ?
      plus, try to exclude it from firewall
      btw, this is from a crappy apps which is installed on ur windows
      try to search google for this problem to find this app which makes the error !

      • Caraculo

        im havin the same problem nd i got it from 2 diff repacks…the farthest ive gotten was creating a normal game…i cant get beyond that nd ive copied the cracks over to the right folder.

        • St00p

          Try and start game form main executable rather than shortcut, worked 4 me

          • Bear


    • Adrew

      I have the same problem too. I tried almost everthing, Registry cleaner to clean my pc, exclude from firewall, Command prompt sfc /scannow, reinstall…. Nothing works. Still getting ” The application is unable to start correctly. (0xc0000142) Click OK to close the applcation.” I tried googling it but nothing works.

  • Rakarth

    So I’m having an issue with the game crashing when going to save Matt. It happens soon after you get the tank right around when Kenzie says something about the fact she’s trying to get used to their code.

    • kallamas

      that seems to be one of the many random crashes releated to this buggy game.
      there are a lot of glitches and crahes, even in the legal versions.
      far as i know is volition working on a patch right now.
      just try the mission again and do something differnt as u did before 😉

  • mynameisKHAN

    whats the name of that song during installation ….

  • Vik Ink

    i’ve played 8 hours at the SR IV, and now when I start the game, the game window opens and this directly reduces the bar or icons and does not want it back in full screen.

    I’ve try to uninstall and install and there’s no change.

    An advice or idea for resolve this bug ?

  • xyouneed

    When i’m opening the game the AMD and stuff ar coming up but when it needs to load the menu its just a black screen.. Nothing happening (Windows 8 Pro)

    • ReloadedGames

      try to update ur driver

      • xyouneed

        Which drivers? o.o

        • ReloadedGames

          ur VGA card !
          try to change to Win 7 , as this game face many problems with Win8 !

          • Elanore

            I have the same problem. I’m on W7 and my drivers are up to date.
            Do you have any ideas ? =/

          • xyouneed

            I fixed it, (C:Program Files (x86)Saints Row IV) If it isnt located in there it will not work..

          • Elanore

            Oh okay, I installed it on my external hard drive that’s why…
            Thanks so much for your help :)

          • xyouneed

            Did the same thing :) You’re welcome!

  • blackillforpro

    Thank you so much!

  • blackillforpro

    5 stars for this

  • Nadine

    Hey , big thanks for the game but i have a question.
    How can I have the subtitles in french? I see this is a muti5 but i can’t find where is the option to choose language :/

    • Nadine

      Nvm, i found myself. But for the others who wanna know , you have to go in steam.api (in your installation folder) and at the end you can write language = french for example

    • dual core

      french are for fags!

  • drnono

    So kinda a noob at this but any help would be great. Im able to play the game but cant save my game. When ever the auto save is showing , just sits up there. I downloaded the crack from this website and placed into the game folder. Also ran game as admin and still having no luck. Again any help would be great , thx

    • ReloadedGames

      this is a bug from crack, we should wait for a crack fix :)

      • kaushal

        Why can’t I save the game??

      • Draknov

        found any solution (crack fix) for the never ending Auto Save? saving the game manually doesn’t work as well :/

  • ReloadedGames

    HF is sucks now , only 150kb

    u can download it from mightyupload , it’s the best for free user !

  • mote

    How Can I update my steap api ddl?

    • mote


  • niels

    he i downloaded crack version of steam ( i have not installed steam or anything because i never work with steam ) but i still get ( not enough storage … ) i have alian computer so i have enough storage?

  • Charlon

    I have the same problem I dont work with steam and every time it says that I don’t have enough storage I have 200 GB on my computer. How can I change the storage or something?? Can anyone help me?


  • Taz

    How do I launch Saints Row IV without steam?

  • John Boxold

    When I copy across the crack it says I need permission from everyone to make changes to this file please help, can play game from desktop icon but cannot save

    • Mark

      u need to turn off any anti virus u have, if it doesnt help, than uninstall it and it will work :)

  • fahim

    Hi There admin , i face some problem when i tried to install it on my pc. it’s show me like an error message. by the way dear thanks for sharing and love u and itz working on my laptop

  • John Boxold

    Thanks for replying, will give this a try tonight but worried about the safety of my system if I turn off firewall….

  • David

    Will there be downloadable DLC Grass Roots and Presidential Pack?

    • ReloadedGames

      i hope so :)

      • David

        I believe in you 😉

  • kitty

    we need update

  • refat

    at the mission hail the chief after the allien attack my screen turn black plz give me a solution.

  • Clark

    Why can’t I save the game??

  • beans

    Can someone please give a clear description on how to fix the “game not saving” bug? I’ve downloaded the reloaded crack, but it didn’t fix anything. I copy pasted the SR4.exe into my saints row 4 root folder, and ran the cracked .exe, but it didn’t seem to do anything. Please help.

  • Prostar

    works really fine, my only problem is my laptop cant run it really good but its a fun game to play on low resolutions, btw if you cant start your game after you placed the crack over make sure your anti virus isnt taking 1 of the crack files, hapend to me first time i dl the game,

  • Wub Wub

    Hey Reloaded, when we will be able to get the Dubstep Gun Remix DLC?


    do you know where the save game location is so i can back it up?

    • ReloadedGames

      c:/program datasteamRLD!

  • Erise

    When I save the game, It keeps on saying “saving” on the top left hand corner of the screen. Then I will exit the game and comeback and the game wouldn’t have saved. HELP Please!

    • Melogee

      keeps happening to me too!

  • Karan

    I cant play this game online, solutions anyone?

  • chok28

    sir i have trouble in mission 7 in break on though is stop working

  • kieran936

    which folder inside the RLD! is the Saints row save because i have 3 folders there: 44350, 206420, 260560. which of them is it in? thanks in advance

  • Didiy5H

    I downloaded in D: Drive but i cant find it?

  • martin

    hi pleas help me everytime i open Saints row Steam opens up and nothing after that happens but if i log in to steam then it opens where u can buy saints row from. Pleas help me stugilling for days.

  • Jumanji

    After playing with no problems for a week I now am missing all my saves. Is there somewhere I should look for them? Is it possible that a new profile folder was created for the saves so it is just looking in there, and my original saves aren’t really gone?

  • Mske

    How do I install this game?

    • ReloadedGames

      check NFO link !

      • Draknov

        Admin, some still can’t save the game…no update fix yet?

  • JoshG

    hey i installed saints row iv and did everything right, but every time i launch the game it opens steam, not the game, i seen this problem on others comments yet it remains unanswered please help!!!

    • ReloadedGames

      have u updated to update 3 ?

      please be aware of the installation dir, “read NFO” file which is attached

  • Nathan

    I cant create a save file for the game if it is possible to tell me from the beginning how to save
    Many Thanks

  • 502nono

    So any word yet on fixing the save issue ???

    • ReloadedGames

      try to run the game as administrator

  • Aivan

    i get sound, but a black screen from the start. anyone else had this issue??

  • Lucio Lucas

    reloade update to 4 saints row iv

    Wild West Pack
    GAT V Pack dlçs

  • Lucio Lucas

    saints row update and new DLC iv

  • Ricardo

    will the updates fix all that game crashes?

  • Lucio Lucas

    yes download crack fix it fix bugs and lags

  • Ricardo

    okay, ty. btw, you should do a 1gb split of the updates/dlc, since some of us dont have a premium account of the download mirror, and it makes it harder to find

  • Lucio Lucas

    for anything I can help him lower the crack fix it fix all bugs in sequence but if you need a dlc crack fix does not work with dlc


  • Lucio Lucas

    hello to people who need this the new dlc that will be available soon launched not worry ..

    updated 4’ll be available for download soon

    GAT V Pack update (4)

    Wild West Pack 4 update


  • Niek

    Dammit Reloaded, can’t wait to play GAT V Pack. Because I can’t play Gta V on pc >:(

  • ReloadedGamesBR

    Friend looks here and iv saints row here so you tenque Soubre conversation if you’re in the game poblemas oh yeah you come here now speaks speaks gta v wont spear guy ready for rockstar games pc guy said that will not just spear ready

  • ReloadedGamesBR

    new DLC for saints row gta iv released and not 5 and DLC saints row iv I refer

    GAT V Pack update

    Wild West Pack DLC pack saints row iv update 17/09/2013 deep silver

  • ReloadedGames

    uploaded already ! :

  • Crash

    I am having trouble with the 1 thru 3 update. I have downloaded it multiple times. Every time it says the bin files are corrupt. Is there anything special that needs to be done? I have tried many different types of mounting and extraction software. Thanks!

    • ReloadedGames

      Update 4 added !

  • ReloadedGames

    yeah, there’s a missing file ! :(
    wait for a fix !

    PS: u can copy the files and use the old crack from Steam.Works, don’t use the crack attached to the update !

  • ReloadedGames

    u need to install it !

  • ReloadedGames

    it’s in the box “Steam.Works” above !

  • ReloadedGames

    move ur save games from “C:ProgramDataSteamRLD!206420storage” to “Saints Row IVsaves “

    • vast

      where is saints row ivsaves located?

      • ReloadedGames

        read some comments below



    just start the game as a admin

    i had the same probleme just because i didnt start the game with the : “RUN AS ADMIN….”

    oo and if you guys crash at the mission 7 or so

    just change the steam emulator crack to a new reloaded crack :)

    save are in the game follder(where you install it) for steam emulator

    (exp: Saints Row 4SmartSteamEmuremote_206420 )

    but for the reloaded save are in the C: program data not program files …


    so put all the save into the other folder and voila you got youre game back minus the dlc if the crack doesnt support it just update to the v4 update and theres you go!

    now go kill all those F king alien :) i hope it help

    keep asking question if you still need help!!!

  • H II

    I ran it as admin , still the same “could not find storage device” error message (windows 7)

  • Johnny 5

    All that is in the folder for updates 1 thru 3 are .bin files and crack files. I have tried mounting these bin files and they always say the file is invalid. I have downloaded from different sites. What am I supposed to do? Please help!

  • da


    • ReloadedGames

      check comments below !

  • Please Help

    I’ve installed the game, updates 1-3 and FTS Update and game shutting down to the windows immediately after AMD Gaming Evolved screen! What’s up with release?!

  • Krzysztof Radowski

    After updates 1-3 and FTS update game shutdown immediately after “AMD Gaming Evolved” screen! Anybody help?

  • hyp

    game ran fine for me saved well but I get to the final mission and the game freezes every few seconds, any ideas?

  • ReloadedGames

    u have downloaded the main game !!

  • ReloadedGames

    browse some comments, u will get the solution

    plus remove any symbols from the folder game name

    • sharan

      thanks admin

  • shadow

    reloaded my antivirus bull gaurd keeps deleting the steam api dll with update 5 any ideas on what i can do to solve this?

    • ReloadedGames

      disable ur AV,

  • ReloadedGames

    update ur driver

    • Deadpool

      sorry, i go to divise administrator and when i click update screen adapters it says is already update, am i doing something wrong? :s

  • bj

    i am using saint row 4 in windows 8..
    that works fine for me but the problem is i cant able to save in the game
    its saying that there is no space in the storage……
    but i am having space in that drive more than 300 GB….
    what can i do now………
    any one help me plzz……

  • Darksouls

    Download news dlc? (Element of Destruction Pack and Zinyak Attack Pack) please. ;3;

  • ReloadedGames

    read some comments below

  • guest

    just wanted to ask.. that if i install the new game i ll have to use every update dlc unlocker till update 7 for all extra content or they can all add up in the latest update ?? kindly do reply if you understand my question… :)…

    • ReloadedGames

      This release updates the game to patch 7. It also unlocks available DLCs.
      You don’t need any other update to use this

  • freelancer

    I played the game and installed the patch and dlc and i see no change in the game. Can you tell me where is the dlc’s in the game? Thx.

  • cosmo

    i’m guessing there hasn’t been a LAN coop fix for update 7 yet?

  • ReloadedGames

    try to run game as admin

    • Vadim Bhirawa

      Still can’t save

  • Vadim Bhirawa

    I’ve tried running game as admin, downloading msvcr 110 . dll, deleting some games that I don’t play anymore, and restarting my laptop, and I STILL can’t save! Please help me, and don’t tell me to look at some comments bellow!

    • ReloadedGames

      download this file from ddl-files

    • Zac


      You are one person that isn’t able to save out of hundreds, you don’t find that a bit odd?

      Most save issues with most games are typically a permissions issue. When you click “save” in a program it writes a file to someplace it knows it will find to load later. This being said and done, if your game isn’t saving there is a reason it isn’t able to write that file OR find that file.

      Solving for writing issues:
      Run as admin should remove most permission issues.
      Having enough disk space to write a file (as decided by your OS) has been a problem with some users.

      Solving for reading issues:
      I haven’t figured out all the read situations for this game in particular but with many programs there is root issues. Many programmers take for granted that the root drive isn’t the C: drive. So when they write their program they will write it to save to C: instead of %ROOT%.
      *So, make sure the drive the game is installed on is the c: drive

      Hope that helps and the pills in your immediate future are of the chill variety.


  • Zman

    Loading Save Issue:
    I found the location of my save files for Steam and this version by checking date modified.

    Now, when I move the files from the Steam location to the Reloaded version’s location the game still doesn’t seem to see them. In fact, it keeps over-writing.


  • xxsancakxx

    where are the save games i want my old save games on the saints row 4 cracked where are the folder

  • Tejo

    Can I install Update 8 without install other updates, DLC Unlockers and V3.0 fix..?

    • ReloadedGames

      You don’t need any other update to use this

      • Tejo


  • Lynx

    Great job, you uploaded the updates first! Nice, just, can you tell me what is the V3.0 Fix and the DLC Unlocker about? Thanks!

    • ReloadedGames

      RVTFiX a division of REVOLT team, their most releases are for LAn fix
      DLC unlocker Unlocks :
      * Saints Row IV – The Super Saints Pack
      * Saints Row IV – Pirate’s Booty Pack

  • ReloadedGames

    check steam for DLCs

  • guest

    can this be possible reloded games that in its final updates all the previous updates and dlcs come along to save a person s time and confusion .. well ??

    • ReloadedGames

      it depends on many factors !
      it’s possible in some games , and not in other

  • ReloadedGames

    install the game and Update.8.Incl.DLC which updates the game to patch 8. It also unlocks available DLCs.You don’t need any other update to use this. Changelist included in pack.

  • ReloadedGames

    ok, will see

    thanks a lot for suggestion

  • ReloadedGames

    it’s impossible to upload torrent, because of privacy !

    • Mas

      ok……….but u still awesome…^_^

  • guester

    i have application error

  • guester

    when i start it